For server implementors

If you are implementing a CI server, please consider providing build information in the cctray format, described on this site. This will make your server compatible with CCMenu, Nevergreen, and other tools that read the feed format.

The specification leaves some open questions. If in doubt, please:

  • Provide times with a timezone, ideally in ISO8601 format with Zulu/GMT time marker.
  • Use unknown status for all status values not mentioned in the standard.
  • If you support authentication, please respond with 401 Not Authorized and a WWW-Authenticate header to feed requests without authorization headers. Do not require cookies, and do not redirect to HTML forms.

If you would like your server to be mentioned on the Supported Servers page, please open a pull request with the relevant details. If you are offering a cloud hosted (SaaS) server you should include a link to setup instructions for CCMenu and/or other tools.